Jam Jar IT CCTV & Security

Given the current climate security of staff & property can not be stress enough. At Jam Jar IT we are able to offer CCTV, door entry systems and all associtated products.

  • CCTV

    We can offer day & night vision cameras with on site recording facilities. Dependant on customer requirements we can offer systems from one camera to 16+ cameras. We can recommend best fitting practice and security for the digital recorders. A number of our systems have been used in sucessful prosecutions.

  • Internet Viewing

    We can supply and set up internet viewing over either our own internet connection or using a customer's exsisting connection. These are set up with various levels of security allowing either viewing only or complete admin privlegdes.

  • Off Site Monitoring

    We can offer Off Site monitoring of our internet viewing capable sites, with reports raised and key holders alerted as needed.0

  • Door Entry Systems

    Discrete door entry systems can be installed with lock control options. This allows for remote entry and delivery control.

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